Root Canal Treatment

Are your teeth sensitive to cold water or sweets or hot tea. Can you see black holes in your teeth/ broken teeth or your tooth has suffered an Injury. All these indications imply that you may need a ROOT CANAL Treatment.

In root canal treatment, the tooth’s pulp (composed of a nerve and supplies blood within the tooth) is removed. Once the infected pulp is removed, the tissue present in the center of the tooth is cleaned of all the pus or the remaining infected mucus. Then the tooth is refilled and recapped back to its original form. The tooth is sealed in a manner that it doesn’t get infected by the bacteria again.

  • Root canal Treatment is done under Local Anesthesia making the treatment painless and you ready to back to your normal activities.
  • Root canal treatment tends to makes the tooth weak hence it is advisable to get the tooth capped with a Crown.
  • Root canal treatments may require more than one sitting. It all depends on how infected the tooth is.
  • The problem of root canal can emerge in deep cavities, broken/injured teeth or highly sensitive teeth (cold and hot sensation). Root canal treatment is a lengthy procedure and a patient may have to visit the clinic more often.

It all depends on how infected the tooth is. The cleaning of the pulp chamber takes the most of the time. A doctor has to make sure that the pulp chamber is cleaned in a proper manner as for the tooth to not rot again With advancement in technology like using rotatory root canal treatment instruments, 90% of the root canals can be completed in single sittings ranging from 45mins to an Hour.

We specialize in PAINLESS SINGLE SITTING ROOT CANAL TREATMENTS in majority of cases, which are done by specialized Root canal Dentist – ENDODONtist